Water slide subtraction game

Water Slide Subtraction is a fun, interactive game created by the BBC for students in Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11). At the start of the game the water slide is rather dangerous as it has large sections of pipe missing. It is your job to work out where to cut lengths of pipe in the cutting room so that you have pipes of exactly the right length. If you cut the pipe to the correct length it will be placed into the gap in the water slide. Fix all gapes and the water slide will be open for business again!

Water slide subtraction game

Click on the picture above to build your subtraction skills by playing the cool Mathematics game ‘Water slide subtraction’.

Click here to download the printable worksheet which can be used to support the learning developed in this game.

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Teacher comments:

A quality educational game, as you would expect from the BBC. The whole part about cutting the pipes in the cutting room is a little confusing to some students at first – more because of how to make the cutting machine work rather than understanding the Mathematics skills required. However, once they are beyond this initial challenge it is an effective game. Progression in the activity is good, e.g. the initial level requires the students to subtract from just 20, the next level up has subtractions from 100.

Water slide subtraction game Cool-Math.co.uk
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