Truck Loader 4

The ability to spot the correct sequence in which to carry out actions is an important computational thinking skill and an important step in being able to solve complex problems. Truck loader 4 is a fun online physics game which provides you with an opportunity to develop these skills.

Instructions: You need to load the truck with the boxes – when they are in the current position (highlighted in the truck), the truck will drive off and you will have completed the level. The truck won’t drive off if you are inside. Move around the screen by using the left and right arrow keys and the up arrow to jump. The magnetic arm moves independently – use your mouse to control it’s position and the left mouse button to activate the magnet.

Learning objective: To develop sequencing and problem solving skills.

Plenary activity:

Pseudo code is an outline of a computer program, written in a form that can be understood by most people but easily converted into real programming statements

Look back at Level 1 of the game Truck Loader 4. Imaging a computer program is going to be written which will enable the loader to automatically follow the steps to complete the level. In pairs, write a set of pseudo code instructions which will complete this task. Remember – computers are not very clever and cannot ‘figure out’ what you mean. You must include all steps needed to complete the level and instructions must be clear and specific.

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