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Treefrog treasure

Treefrog treasure is a cool mathematics game created by the Centre for Game Science. Control the tree frog as it journeys around the swamp in search of lost jewels. Use the mouse to control where it will jump. You will need to jump through barriers by trying to correctly answer Mathematics questions which are based on your understanding of equivalent percentages, fractions and decimals. The more accurate you are at answering the questions the more gems you will collect. However, if you are too far from the correct answer the treefrog will be in for a shock!

With three worlds to journey through and many levels to each, Treefrog Treasure is a game which provides you with a substantial resource for developing your skills in working with fractions, decimals and percentages.
Treefrog Mathematics cool game

Click on the picture above to build your skills at comparing fractions, decimals and percentages by playing the cool Mathematics game ‘Treefrog treasure’.

Teacher Cool Math Games

Teacher comments:

What a shame! Almost a fantastic learning resource – the game engine it is based on is a very high standard and one that will be enjoyed by students. However the frustration is that there is no flexibility in terms of where you can start in the game. This means that a child will need to spend a substantial amount of time playing the early introductory levels of the game before they get to stages which will develop and test their knowledge of fractions and decimals. If it were possible for the player to jump straight to a certain level then this would be a much more effective learning tool for use in classrooms.

Treefrog treasure Cool-Math.co.uk
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