“Mysterious forces can sometimes guide potatoes to strange places”. They certainly can in the stylish and atmospheric puzzle game ‘Transylvania’. You task is simple – to help Mr Potato Man escape the spooky horrors of Transylvania and make it all the way home. If only there was a way to keep the sound effects but turn off the music!

Instructions: Simply click on different things within the game – sometimes things will happen and sometimes they won’t. Not only do you need to work out what you need to click on, but you need to think carefully about the correct order that things need to be clicked on.

Learning objective: To develop skills in sequencing instructions (an important element of computational thinking).

Plenary questions:

(i) What strategies did you develop to help you successfully complete levels?

(ii) Considering ‘target audience’ is very important when creating things. The age, education, interests and relationship of your target audience should change your designs. Who would you say the target audience of this game is?

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