SuperMath Golf Course

If you are looking for cool math games that help teach angles and measurements then the free online golf game ‘SuperMath Golf Course’ may be just what you are looking for. Pick up your clubs and take to the course. Along the way you will develop your skills at estimating distances and angles.

For each shot you take you need to study the map of the hole carefully and decide upon the angle you need to aim at. A 360 degree image can be overlain on top of the ball position to help you be as accurate as possible but ideally you need to try to get to a point where this is not needed. Once you have decided on the angle you need to estimate the number of units of distance you need to hit the ball (note that there is a scale shown at the top of the game window). Once these measurements have been decided upon press the button to hit the ball and hope for the best!

The aim is simple – try to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. Some holes are harder than others (those with higher ‘par’ scores may need you to take more shots).

Harbour Measurements cool Math game

Click on the picture above to build your skills at estimating angles and distances by playing the cool Mathematics game ‘SuperMath Golf Course’.

Click here to download our free printable worksheet to use alongside the SuperMath Golf Course game. This printable will provide students with a further opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills at estimating angles and distances.

Teacher Cool Math Games

Teacher comments:

A good educational game that will encourage many students to practice their skills at measurement and estimating angles. it is maybe a shame that there were a few opportunities missed to make this into a better game, the most obvious (and easiest to implement) of which would have been to have added a multiplayer option – being able to play against somebody else would have maintained interest in the activity for longer. Perhaps having actual distances rather than ambiguous ‘units’ may have also made the resource more effective.

SuperMath Golf Course
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