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Submit a link

If you have a suggestion for a cool Math game that you think should be considered for our site please let us know using the contact form below. Any game suggested to us will be assessed by our editors to determine if the game has true value for Mathematics lessons before review and rating details are decided upon.

If the game you suggest passes the above steps then we will produce a printable worksheet to use alongside the game.


Do I need to own the copyright of a game that I submit?

No. Unlike many other Mathematics websites on the web, at cool-math.co.uk we do not steal games from other sites and embed them into our own site as if they are our own work. Any game that we do not own the copyright to will be linked to on the author’s website to enable them to get the credit they deserve and to allow them to monetize their efforts however they see fit.

Can I submit a game to be embedded into the cool-math website?

Yes, though we will seek evidence that you own the copyright of the game before we proceed.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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