Show me show me counting

Fans of the CBeebies show Show Me Show Me will love this interactive counting game, one of the many great Mathematics games created by the BBC. Children will be familiar with the artwork within the game as it is the same as is used in the show. Additional familiarity is provided through the voices of the hosts of the show, Chris and Pui. The game consists of ten levels in which the child has to find different things hiding in the scenes, from elephants exercising to trains chuff-chuffing. Get ready to show off your groovy moves when you win!

show me show me counting game

Click on the picture above to build your counting skills by playing the Mathematics game ‘show me show me counting’. The counting game above is just one of many counting games for kids at Cool Math games ( Click here to see our other counting games for kids. To see a summary of the other games at Cool Math click here.

Click here to download the printable worksheet which can be used to support the learning developed in this game.

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Teacher comments:

This is a lovely game, with really nice animations based on a show that most young children love. In addition to the practice it provides with counting objects, this game also provides an opportunity to demonstrate and develop the fine motor skills associated with mouse control.

Show me show me counting
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