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An understanding of shapes is an important part of the development of good Mathematics knowledge. This is a nice Art-themed game to help young children learn to recognise different shapes and how they can be resized and rotated. As they select different shapes and put them into position the completed picture is built up for them. There are two levels in this game. On the easy level the child simply needs to drag the shapes into place. On the harder levels they will also need to resize and rotate the shapes to make sure they are in an accurate position.

Cool Math shape store game

Click on the picture above to build your skills at working with shapes by playing the cool Mathematics game ‘Shape Store’.

Click here to download the printable worksheet which can be used to support the learning developed in this game.

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Teacher comments:

A nice, creative game. It will also be good for developing artistic skills and mouse control. A few minor refinements could have made this a more powerful tool for learning in Mathematics, for example sounds could have been added with a voice telling the child the name of the shape they have selected. For harder levels the child could have been instructed to select a certain shape at each step.

Shape store
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