Resort Empire

In the fun simulation game ‘Resort Empire’ you get the chance to build the ultimate holiday destination. Spend your budget wisely and create facilities that will give your guests a fantastic experience. In doing so you will need to demonstrate skills in planning, budget management, environmental issues and spatial awareness. No download required – just scroll down to begin playing. Unlike many of our other challenge games at, being a simulation game this can take longer to play, though the plenary questions below can be relevant after even a few minutes.

Instructions: If you have never played Resort Empire before you should follow the instructions in the tutorial. Create your resort and aim for the highest popularity score possible.

Learning objective: To apply Mathematics skills to planning a resort.

Plenary questions:

(i) What does the Mathematics term ‘radius’ mean?

(ii) Why is the term ‘radius’ relevant to the role of janitors in the game?

(iii) What factors could increase the radius for a janitor?

(iv) If you are trying to make a large profit, why should you not take up too much space with ‘walkable paths’?

(v) How can you organise the layout to maximise the amount of buildings and limit the amount of footpaths?

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