Post the Parcel

Post the Parcel is an interactive game created by the BBC for students in Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11). It is a great tool to help children develop skills in measuring and weighing objects. Each parcel needs a stamp. The postage rate depends on the length and weight of the parcel. Use the ruler to measure the length of the parcel and then the scales to weight it. You will then need to select the correct postage stamp for the size and weight of the parcel.

Cool Math game parcel measurement

Click on the picture above to build your measuring skills by playing the cool Mathematics game ‘Post the Parcel’.

Click here to download the printable worksheet which can be used to support the learning developed in this game.

Teacher Cool Math Games

Teacher comments:

A quality educational game, as you would expect from the BBC. It is a great tool for developing measurement skills and good that it applies this to a real-world example of when such skills would be of use. Although the activity is very well made and has great educational value, the lack of a ‘game’ field to it may limit the length of time that it will hold the attention of some students.

Post the Parcel
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