Harbour Measurements

Harbour Measurements is a fun interactive game created by the BBC for students in Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 7). It is a great tool to help children develop skills in measuring and weighing objects. Children are asked to find a crate that matches a specific height and weight. They select one of the available crates to have it lifted by crane onto the scales where it can be weighed and measured. If they feel the crate fits the requirements it can be loaded onto the ship.

Harbour Measurements cool Math game

Click on the picture above to build your measuring skills by playing the cool Mathematics game ‘Harbour Measurements’.

Two printable worksheets are available to download and use alongside this activity – worksheet 1 and worksheet 2.

Teacher Cool Math Games

Teacher comments:

A quality educational game, as you would expect from the BBC, with lovely graphics, animations and sound effects. It is a great tool for developing measurement skills and good that it applies this to a real-world example of when such skills would be of use. It is nice that there are different levels although there is no great increase in challenge as you rise through the levels.

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