Stretch your mathematics and physics skills with this free online physics game. We have all made paper aeroplanes but have you ever really considered the factors involved in making them fly as far as possible?

Instructions: The instructions in this game simply say you need to use your mouse to ‘pick it up’ and ‘throw it’. Being successful in ‘Flight’ will require you to perfect skills in how fast you throw the aeroplane and the direction you throw it in.

Learning objective: To develop an awareness of the Physics terms ‘Force’ and ‘Trajectory’.

Plenary questions:

(i) What does the term ‘force’ mean? How did you control the force with which the plane started flying?

(ii) Why might a paper aeroplane get faster or slow down while it is in the air?

(iii) What does the term ‘trajectory’ mean? How did you control the aeroplane’s initial trajectory?

(iv) Why does a paper aeroplane not keep flying in the same direction as it’s initial trajectory?

(v) What was your approach for trying to make the aeroplane fly the furthest possible distance?

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