Drive! Multiplication skills builder

Drive is a Cool-Math original game. This version of the game is a multiplication skills builder which tests your knowledge of all times tables up to and including the ten-times table.

There are five driving levels to complete. Each level starts with ten multiplication questions. By answering the questions correctly you will earn credits which can then be spent in the workshop to make improvements to your car. Once you have spent all of your credits it is time to hit the race track – you need to complete two laps of each track within the time limit. There are five tracks in total to complete.

To be successful in this game you will need to be good at answering the multiplication questions otherwise your car will just not be good enough to complete the laps in time. Good luck!

Click here to download our free printable worksheet to use alongside ‘Drive! Multiplication Skills Builder’. This printable will provide students with a further opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills within the times tables.

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Teacher comments:

A good multiplication skills builder game that will encourage many students to practice their times tables. The fact that the activity is broken up with the car racing / driving element helps to maintain interest and motivation for longer, something which is further encouraged by the desire to complete all five tracks. I would suggest to our Cool-Math friends that a minor tweak to the functionality of the game would be to eenable the player to select a specific (or set of) times tables they would like to focus on.

Drive! Multiplication skills builder
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