Count the sheep

Head on down to the farm and count the sheep in the field. With delightful music and graphics this is a lovely game for infants developing their counting skills. But beware – it is not as easy as it seems! The sheep wander around the field, you have a limited time to count them AND you must avoid being tricked into counting any wolves in sheeps clothing! Just try not to fall asleep with all that sheep counting!

Click on the picture above to build your counting skills by playing the Mathematics game ‘count the sheep’. The counting game above is just one of many counting games for kids at Cool Math games ( Click here to see our other counting games for kids. To see a summary of the other games at Cool Math click here.

Click here to download the printable worksheet which can be used to support the learning developed in this game.

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Teacher comments:

This is a surprisingly challenging game for young children as the sheep move around which makes it difficult to count them when there are more than a few. Howewver, this level of challenge makes it a great game for children who are ready to move on to counting tasks which require greater levels of concentration.

Count the sheep
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