Cool skater Mathematics game

The arcade game element to this cool Mathematics game will keep children engaged in develop and testing their skills at performing mental calculations. Children can select which skill they want to develop (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) before heading out on their skateboard to see how far they can get. To be able to hop over obstacles they need to answer the Mathematics questions accurately and quickly, as well as to time their jumps perfectly to avoid colliding with traffic cones, rocks and more.

Cool Skater Mathematics game

Click on the picture above to build your skills at performing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by playing the cool Mathematics game ‘Skater Math’.

To support the learning provided by this game, we have four printable worksheets you can download and use for free: Addition, Subtraction, Mutliplication and Division.

Teacher Cool Math Games

Teacher comments:

This kind of game is a great example of ‘sugar-coating learning’ so that the children are developing their Mathematics skills while thinking they are having fun playing a cool game. Highly recommended.

Cool skater Mathematics game
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