Cargo Bridge

Stretch your engineering skills with this free online physics game. Play cargo bridge and see if you can design sufficiently strong bridges to help the workers cross valleys and chasms to collect the goods and complete each level.

Instructions: Move your mouse to the left or right edge of the screen to scroll around and take a good look at the level you need to complete. When you are ready to build your bridge press on the ‘Design your bridge’ button in the top left of the screen. Using your limited budget you can build walks and connectors. Connectors add strength to a bridge but cannot be walked on.

Before starting, it is worth noting that some bridges are supported from below while others are supported from above…

Arch bridge
Suspension bridge

Learning objective: To develop an awareness of the value of simulating real-world projects.

Plenary task:

In 1940 the Tacoma Narrows bridge started wobbling and eventually shook itself to pieces and collapsed (check it out on YouTube). Why would it be unlikely that a bridge would be built today and the same thing happen?

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