Blob’s story

Test your skills with this free online physics game. Two blobs which are deeply in love have been separated – will you be able to bring them back together?

Instructions: To complete the many levels in this game you will need to use your mouse to cut ropes. It isn’t quite as easy as this sounds and you will need to think carefully about the correct sequence of steps, rotations, gravity, momentum and much more. If you have played the game ‘Cut the rope’ you will be familiar with how to play. Good luck!

Learning objective: To develop an awareness of the Physics terms ‘gravity’ and ‘momentum’.

Plenary questions:

(i) What does the term ‘gravity’ mean? Can you give examples of how you used gravity to complete these levels?

(ii) If this game was set on the moon where gravity is much weaker, how might this make the game more difficult?

(iii) What does the term ‘momentum’ mean? How did you use the momentum of objects to complete levels?

Blob’s story
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