Bad Piggies 2

Who says ‘pigs can’t fly’? They certainly can in the wonderful game ‘Bad Piggies 2’ but first you will have to create some kind of contraption which will help them to take off. Play Bad Piggies 2 online here for free and you will have great fun at the same time as testing and developing your planning and problem solving skills.

Instructions: At the start of each level you will be shown the entire level you need to help the piggies move through. You will then have a set amount of materials which you can use to create a vehicle to make this journey possible. You will need to use trial and error to investigate the properties of each item, including engines, wheels, blocks fans, balloons, and much more. Collect items such as cakes during your journey to score extra points in this fantastic physics puzzle game.

Learning objective: To develop skills in problem solving through trial and error and solution refinement.

Plenary questions:

(i) What strategies did you develop to help you successfully complete levels?

(ii) If you were to design the next Bad Piggies game, what gadgets and items would you include for people to use when creating vehicles and what would their properties be?

Bad Piggies 2
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Summary: A great tablet / smartphone game now available to play online.


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