Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space was the sequel to the original Angry Birds – one of the most successful video games of all time. In this Space version the Bad Piggies have headed out into space but are being pursued by a set of birds with some amazing new powers. The American space agency NASA was involved in the development of this game and they billed it as a fantastic educational tool for learning about topics such as gravitational fields, orbits and curved lines of motion in space travel. Play now for free online – no download required.

Instructions: Pull back the birds on the catapult and fire! If you take everything into account (force, gravity, orbits, obstacles, etc) you may just hit those Bad Piggies!

Learning objective: To develop an awareness of the how physics works in space.

Plenary questions:

(i) What does the term ‘orbit’ mean?

(ii) How and why does the path of a bird change when it gets near to a planet?

(iii) How does entering the atmosphere of a planet change the path of a bird? Why is this?

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