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About us

Cool-Math.co.uk is a site created by What2Learn Ltd. What2Learn is an established online educational resource that provides access to tens of thousands of interactive learning games. All student attainment in these games is automatically recorded to allow teachers and parents to monitor progress. What2Learn also provides a game generator tool which makes it easy for anybody to create a wide range of interactive learning games.

With so many quality interactive learning resources on the Internet, we wanted to make it easy for teachers, parents and children to access the very best resources on What2Learn and further afield. As such we have begun to create a series of subject-specific sites, with Cool-Math.co.uk being the first of these.

Unlike the majority of websites that claim to be sources of interactive Mathematics games, at What2Learn we make the following promises about Cool-Math.co.uk:

  • ALL games listed will have genuine value to learning within Mathematics (no ‘just for fun’ sections).
  • Where a game is not the property of What2Learn we will link to it rather than steal it from the website of the copyright owner and pass it off as our own.
  • ALL learning games listed at Cool-Math.co.uk come with a printable worksheet based on the learning developed by the game. These resources can be printed and used in the classroom or for homework.
  • The listings will be updated regularly.
  • Cool-Math.co.uk has been built with a responsive design to ensure it can be viewed comfortably on a range of devices. We will endeavour to ensure the activities listed are compatible on as many different devices as possible as well.

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